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Books in Print
From Hughes Henshaw Publications


These are some samples of books I've helped individuals publish.
Some are listed with Hughes Henshaw Publications.

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Some Select Titles from Hughes Henshaw:

Fiction by Joseph T. McFadden

Endorsement from this author: Daphna Moore is and continues to be indispensable to me as she walked me through the entire stages of publishing my own company Angus Publishing, the editorial process, arranging the cover design of my book, obtaining the best price for manufacturing the book, and she continues consulting with me on a weekly basis. I have received rave reviews due to her efforts and she will be handling the promotion and marketing of my next book The Wafer to be released in 2009.

Falling Into Love; Reflections Along The Path

Margaret Rosche

Here are some of my thoughts, feelings, and insights along the path I am dancing toward enlightenment. My inspiration comes from night and day-dreams, meditation, communing with nature, prayer, and other forms of Light shot into the busy consortium of my waking consciousness. Whole poems or seed fragments have dropped into my head like apples from a tree. When that happens, I write. Some of the offerings are solemn, some mystical, some celebratory, others whimsical. It is my sincere wish that you enjoy them and, perhaps, be heartened, awakened, inspired, and amused.

The poems in this books are snapshots of my journey. They are slices of experience; beginnings, endings, blessings, challenges, confusions, revelations, deaths, rebirths; each a part of my evolving relationship with Higher Self. You may call this process by whatever name resonates with your own journey toward meaning. For me it is the excavation of God-in-me from under layers of ego disguises, personae, roles, and paradigms, assiduously collected during my 59 years of uproarious life in my body.

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Certified Nurse Assistants State Board Exams

by Daphna Moore, NA,LMT, AMTA Instructor

This study guide has the questions and answers given on state certification exams and additional questions as well for preparing you to take the exam.

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The Rabbi's Tarot

by Daphna Moore

This is not a book about divination, but a practical tool for enlightenment that explores the symbolism in the Tarot. By understanding the physical and non-physical universe and the psychological and psychic make-up of those within it, we can be transformed and make our dreams come true. The Rabbi's Tarot is a fascinating Tarot study. Visit The Rabbi's Tarot official website.

Smart Talk...12 Keys to Becoming a Successful Communicator

Dawn Lehman, M.S., M.B.A.

Endorsement from author: Daphna Moore was incredibly helpful to me in getting my book published. I was a first time author and knew nothing about the publishing business. Instead of overwhelming me with information, she gave me the advice I needed to get my book project completed in the time frame I wanted. Daphna was always prompt in responding to questions, and met deadlines on time. She was flexible in customizing her services to meet my needs. She would give her opinions, yet let me make the final decisions. I would highly recommend Daphna as a publishing consultant and publisher. Her expertise and insights into the publishing business were invaluable to me.

Sex, Money, Power, & Disease: Our Relationships to Healing

Anita Alexandra, Dipl. Ac; Dipl. C.H. NCCAOM Dr. Oriental Medicine

Endorsement from this author: Daphna, your kindness and assistance as a publishing consultant has been essential in creating this book. May your every endeavor meet with magnificent success.


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