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Featured Titles:
The Shoe Cobbler Who Mended Souls

by Michael Paul Collett

Shoe Cobbler by Collett

"The Shoe Cobbler Who Mended Souls" is the story of a shoe cobbler who embraces the uncertainties of life and questions why people from many lands come to his shop seeking his advice while he continues to struggle with his own trials.

To the romantic and truth seekers, the story will bring a smile as well as a tear. For what is possible is not to be believed but to be experienced and realized. This is the true magic of love's gift.

Michael Paul Collett is a writer and a cobbler. He lives in Colorado. The Shoe Cobbler Who Mended Souls is his first book. It is sure to become an international bestseller.

Date of publication: July 2007

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The Wafer by Joseph T. McFadden

In the mystery novel, The Wafer, untold numbers of doomed patients await the donation of a beating heart. When black-market organs enter the equation, things can turn ugly. In ancient cultures, priests presented the still-living heart at a ceremony to appease the Gods.

In modern society, the church symbolically presents the wafer and wine. In "The Wafer," surgeons, the priests of medicine, acquire donor organs to extend another life -- but playing God can have its penalties.

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