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Step out of darkness into noon.
Grope the familiar flash-blind through white-hot spots.
Be Bambi frozen in the headlights of a celestial SUV.
See life awe-struck silver by Merlin's staff.
Dare eclipse bare-eyed, distant fire inviting risk.

Of course, adjustments can be made.

Pupils shrink,
arms fly up in protective salute,
glasses, visors, tiny holes in paper squares,
appear to slow the speed of light,
damp blazing glory,
mask naked alchemical wonder.

Careful now...don't hurt yourself!

Too late.

Split moment of blind sight:
worlds of darkness drop away,
negative exposed.

You are bigger than your life.
You are the light.

by Margaret Rosche

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Falling Into Love: Reflections Along the Path, by Margaret Rosche
ISBN 1-892698-12-7, 140 pages. $16.95 USA; $19.95 Canada.

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