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Falling Into Love
Reflections Along The Path

by Margaret Rosche

Hughes Henshaw is proud to introduce a new offering by Margaret Rosche entitled "Falling Into Love, Reflections Along the Path."

"Once I find that human love and love objects are fallible and transitory at best, my falls take on a deeper significance. They can open me to primal Love instead of fear, to what life is all about ... what I am all about. Surrender becomes trust, an opportunity to engage Higher Self, connect with Love as essence, and meet my infallible, eternal Spirit. The path may not be easy, but it is, ultimately, the only way to go; to healing, wholeness, Heaven. Falling Into Love then, describes the process of my individual life pouring itself out into transcendent LIFE, and of me allowing LOVE to pour itself out into the world through me and as me."

So open an engaging poetic look at one woman's fall into meaning, a roller coaster ride on the stressful life even scale, including multiple challenges and role transitions. The evocative selections look at the lessons and blessings she found along her way and paint vivid pictures of the thinking, feeling, and lifestyle changes engendered by the ongoing transformative process.

Margaret Rosche's new book, "Falling Into Love: Reflections Along the Path", includes poetry, prayer, song and meditation which reflect her movement in consciousness toward our essential oneness in Spirit. Some are solemn, some irreverent, some whimisical, some celebratory, but all will touch your heart.

Read several of these beautiful poems:

Annunciation    Bigger       Who Will Love Me Now?       What to Do?

Wanting Less    Come Away    Fallen Angel    God in my Glass

Chant    The Man in My Head

Falling Into Love: Reflections Along the Path, by Margaret Rosche
ISBN 1-892698-12-7, 140 pages. $16.95 USA; $19.95 Canada.

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